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Charles Albert founded CharlesGroup in San Francisco in 1999.

At the heart of every project is Charles Albert, a graduate of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. Throughout his twenty years working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Charles has developed a powerful network of experts and relationships with institutions. This enables CharlesGroup to apply the exact expertise and resources you need to your unique program requirements.

Founded in 1999, CharlesGroup serves the needs of companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Our Services:


  • Qualitative Services
  • Ethnographic studies, IDI's and focus groups. Large scale non-IRB studies supporting development.

  • Quantitative Services
  • Summative and formative studies including IRB controlled studies where CGI acts as the principal investigator. We've conducted these on regional, national and international scales.

  • HFE (Human Factors Evaluations)
  • Consistent with HE75 and the June 2011 FDA guidance.

Product Development

  • Product Design
  • Early conceptualization. 3D modeling, 3D printing.

    Model and prototype design and procurement.

    HF (Human Factors) design and iterative development support.

  • Engineering
  • Systems analysis.

    Product, package and mechanism design.

    Materials analysis. Assembly design. Part design.

    Analytics including FMEA.


  • Quality System
  • Our FDA and ISO compliant Quality System helps assure the integrity of our staff, processes and results.

  • Document Control
  • Our document control system is compliant with regulatory guidelines.