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Alza had developed a promising solution for delivering anesthesia via a patch rather a needle, eliminating the pain of topical pro- cedures. The company needed to identify the exact field of medicine into which the new product could be launched, and refine the product offering accordingly.

CharlesGroup helped the client identify the best market for its technology, and created a unique (later patented) disposable system that can be used for a variety of procedures. The unique mouse design transforms the most stressful part of a procedure into the friendliest.
ALZA E-Trans
Uncovering the Optimal Market for New Invention
ALZA’s vision was to eliminate the pain of topical procedures by delivering anesthetic with a patch instead of a needle. The initial CharlesGroup research study, designed to validate the application of the technology, revealed it was not appropriate for the intended markets.

It also helped indicate one market in particular which could be appropriate: pediatric dermatology. The problem however was that the configuration of the technology was not appropriately suited for dermatology. Their existing technology, an integrated electronic patch, would not fit the multiple sites often treated, or children’s faces, fingers, or toes, where it would be most needed.

CharlesGroup then designed a new solution: separate the electronics from the drug pad, and create a disposable drug pad whose unique shape could support a variety of procedures. The unique electronic controller ‘mouse’ design trans-
forms the most stressful part of a procedure into the friendliest.